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November 30, 2014
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December 7, 2016

Different Dog Breeding Methods

Dog breeding is considered a science. Dog breeding allows dog owners to know exactly what to expect from the dog. There are certain traits that will appear on these specific breeds. However, it is important that there is responsible breeding method being practiced by breeders or even by owners. By becoming a responsible dog breeder, it is possible to avoid health problems to these dogs in the future. And also, responsible dog breeding allows the dogs to live in the right environment.

Prepare for the litter

A lot of times, dog breeding can be frustrating. It is not an exact science, and it is 100% devotion on the part of the breeder. It is important that before you even decide to breed, you have studied the characteristics of a particular breed extensively. A good way to learn more about specific breeds is by visiting a dog event. It is also a good idea that you read books about it.

Always breed in order to improve

One of the most common mistakes done by a lot of individuals is breed because they want to earn more money. It is important that you are breeding in order to improve the next generation of dogs. It is imperative that you don’t practice inbreeding because this can cause a lot of problems in the future. This is when diseases appear on the next generation.

In order to avoid these types of problems, always make sure that you get a stud service form another reputable breeder. Also, study the lineage of the dog you are getting.

Always be committed 100%

A lot of people still breed dogs not for money. They raise puppies in order to become their own pet. If this is the case, it is important that you evaluate your commitment.

If you are not committed at raising puppies to adulthood, then you don’t have any business breeding dogs. Always make sure that you are ready monetarily, not to mention you have enough space for the puppies to move around. These days, a lot of breeders sell these puppies.

Always perform health checks before breeding

A lot of breeders no longer check the health of the dogs when they are breeding. This can be a problem because it can easily create genetic complications in the future. You want to make sure that the pregnancy isn’t going to be a problem for the mother. Also, there should be no disease that or genetic condition that can be passed to the puppies. By getting the help of vets, you will be able to spot the problems early on.

If you are going to be breeding pets, keep in mind that it can be a stressful but rewarding experience. If you are not going to sell these puppies, then it is always a good idea that you prepare for the puppies months prior to the planned breeding process. Always consider the fact that there might be more puppies than you can ever handle. This means always have a plan on what you want to do with them.