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December 12, 2016
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Foods Your Dogs Must Never Eat

Ever wondered how to have that puppy that you find in advertisements? Or maybe, ever wondered how to maximize the size of your dog? Diet and activities play a huge role in the development of your dog. Without good food, it is impossible that your dog will reach its full potential. Bad food options will affect the scent of your dog, not to mention their body fat concentration. Now, it is always a good idea that you do your research when it comes to your dog’s diet. Dogs should have a balanced diet in order to live healthily and avoid a number of conditions that their breed is prone to in the future. For instance, if you are keeping a Labrador’s weight checked, this can help prevent hip displacement in the future.

There are a lot of foods that your dogs should never eat. If you always planned to make them healthy, here are some foods that they should avoid.

Chocolate and caffeine

A lot of dog owners are not familiar with the foods that we eat that are not allowed to our fur babies. Chocolate and caffeine will trigger an abnormal heart rhythm for the dog which can even lead towards seizures and death. Dark chocolate is more dangerous than any other type of food. What’s responsible for this type of problem? You have the substance called methylxanthines which the dog’s body can’t process.

Fatty foods

It is important that your dog is eating a balanced meal. Just like humans, an obese dog is something that you don’t want to happen. Cardiovascular problems can be a problem especially for older dogs that can no longer do similar activities that they used to do when they were young.

Though fats are important in your dog’s diet, you have to make sure that it is coming from good source of fats.


Not all fruits are healthy. Avocado is not only bad for dogs; it is also bad for the ruminants, birds and other animals. According to post-mortem reports of those animals that swallowed avocado, there were signs of edema and damage to the heart.

Dog food

Food is an important decision that pet owners have to consider. A lot of times, pet owners are too lazy to prepare the food of their dogs that they end up consuming ready-to-eat dog food. There are also those pet owners who think that cheaper dog food is actually a good idea. Unfortunately, this is not a good food option to choose because it is filled with chemicals and can damage your dog’s liver in the long run.

If you are a pet owner, it is always a good thing to invest on the right type of diet for your dog. What looks like a good diet for canines? It is important to have a good source of protein either from chicken or fish. Once in a while, treats are good for the pets. However, it should never be the staple food that you are going to feed your pet. By avoiding these foods we mentioned, you’ll notice how your dog‘s health is going to improve.