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December 7, 2016
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Top Most Wanted Dog Breeds

If you are going to have a dog, it is important to know the type of breed that you are going to choose. A common mistake by dog owners is to get a dog without considering the breed. This can be a problem because a lot of characteristics are determined by breed. For instance, you will have to look into the demeanor of the breed before getting a dog.

Next, you also have to consider the size of the dog breed. You can’t have a Labrador if you are going to live in a small apartment. So what are the most popular dog breeds out there? Here are some dog breeds that you might want to consider.


Beagles are recently becoming popular. Beagles are classified as a small-sized hound that has a similar look as a foxhound. What are the things that you can expect from beagles? They are easily distracted by smell because of being a hound. However, you have to keep in mind that you should give them sufficient room to run. The lack of exercise can make a beagle fat.

Labrador Retriever

A Labrador is a good type of dog for those homes with children. They are playful and are considered one of the friendliest dogs out there. Labrador retrievers are typically used by hunters to get ducks, birds and other animals.

It is now considered the most popular dog breed not only in the UK but also in the US. Unfortunately, you will have to anticipate hip problems when it gets older.

Pit Bull

Pit bulls are popular. In fact, it is commonly used by dog behaviorists in order to correct other dogs’ behaviors. You’ll see them typically used in Dog Whisperer. A lot of people associate pit bulls with dog fights. However, it isn’t really true. Pit Bulls used to be the original caretaker of young children because of their calm and protective demeanor. Pit bulls are very friendly and may act as a lap dog.


There are different types of poodles. Over the years, a lot of people have chosen smaller versions of the standard poodle as pet. The thing that you have to understand about poodles is that they are easy to train, not to mention they are friendly. However, keep in mind that they will need constant grooming because of their fur. Poodles live for around 12 to 15 years.


A medium sized dog with a confident and playful demeanor, boxers are developed in Germany. They are easy to train and can last for around 10 to 12 years in your house. Boxers may look similar to a bulldog, and that is because they were bred from English bulldogs.

Getting a dog is not a joke. Keep in mind that they live 10 or some even 15 years. That’s a lot of years of dedication. It is imperative that you know what to expect from the breed if you want to make sure that the dog is going to get the attention it deserves. Failure to do some research can make dog ownership a problematic experience.